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What we do

Everything we do...

...we do with passion and gratitude and out of the ordinary.

FRAME ADVENTURE stands for unique journeys beyond any borders, for once-in-a-lifetime travel to discover the secrets of this beautiful planet. It also stands for expeditions of like-minded overlanders to dazzling deserts or locations you can only dream of, to meet people whose stories are so incredibly different than ours, so full of wisdom and "joie de vivre" that we love to tell them to our grandchildren. 

     Most importantly, FRAME ADVENTURE wants to give back to the communities that need it most. FRAME PHOTO & FILM captures all these amazing moments and documents those fantastic discoveries in order to share with those that are interested to see and hear them. Ultimately, the purpose of FRAME is to support the people in need. With FRAME CHARITY we created a platform for all our friends and supporters, for the ones who are more privileged than 98% of those men and women and in particular those children around the world who are living on less than a few dollars a day. 

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Frame Discovery outside the box logo @ Frame Adventure

discover the unknown, the unseen and the unexpected

Frame Exedition outside to box logo @ Frame Adventure

join our once-in-a-lifetime expeditions off the tracks and beyond any borders

Brigitte Kraus of Frame Adventure @ Frame Photo & Film workshops
Frame Photo & Film logo @ Frame Adventure

get inspired by the beauty

of our world

Frame Charity for children @ Frame Adventure
Frame Charity outside the box logo @ Frame Adventure
give back to the ones
who need it most


Who we are
Brigitte Kraus - Photographer & Artist @ Frame Adventure

We are Brigitte and Markus and we decided to dedicate the third stage of our life to charity and adventure. Having worked and lived in ten countries across the globe, we felt deeply grateful for the friendly and generous people that entered our life. And this more than once!

     Now, it is time for giving back. Inspired by the many heart warming and memorable encounters with people of all ethnicities, cultures and religions, people of all walks of life, we are committed to help those in need. To bring happiness for just a moment, a year or an entire life to those less privileged this is our objective. In order to encourage others to join us in our efforts, we decided to make this fun and exciting and to turn our mission in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, completely outside the box, no limits and going beyond any borders.

Markus Kraus, Unimog, Frame Adventure


How we travel

from a french fire truck...


How we communicate

We are delighted to share our amazing adventures and good deeds with all friendly media in the aim to inspire and motivate, to open mind, heart and spirit, to multiply joy and happiness, to grow responsibility and generosity and hopefully to garner further support for a good cause. 

Frame Adventure in the media
IN the media
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Preferred Media partners:
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