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“Taking pictures

is savoring life intensely,

every hundredth of a second.”

— Marc Riboud

Brigitte Kraus

All our FRAME Photo & Film trips are under the personal technical leadership of Brigitte. Her workshop-like adventure trips are taking care of the individual needs in small groups, adapting to the various levels of knowledge and available equipment. A learning plan with set objectives can be established prior to the tours / expeditions. Great flexibility will be granted to the program to adapt to the tour and to take the daily circumstances into consideration. Whether you join the tours for a day, a week or even longer, as the passionate photo and film enthusiast you will be equally delighted by the thrill of the expedition as well as the photo and film experiences and learnings.


Photo & Film Topics

There are three components to arrive at good photography:

- An interesting photographic subject

- Advanced equipment



We capture the daily changing landscapes and indulge in the beauty of nature. We learn to master the composition and dramaturgy and optimize even when light and weather are against us.


Most of our adventures offer a variety of spectacular wildlife. With the patience of a turtle and the eyes of an eagle we will be ready for that great shot we always wanted to capture.


While following our FRAME Charity projects we will have ample opportunities to capture the happiness of our children of this world. Enjoy those precious moments with the kids and learn how the photographer compensates for the nonperfection of his/her model. 


We are constantly on the lookout for the harmony of colours and structures that make the shots so special. Soon we will have an eye for that great composition that turns our work closer to perfection.


No journey without some stunning sunsets! We improve our backlight techniques and gain some valuable knowledge how our gear supports the hour of perfect lights.


We offer a short excursion into Drone photography and filming, the possibilities of aerial shots and  how to find stunning drone shooting locations.


We gain experience in how to use our camera settings, filters and lenses and start to master this volatile element in all its hues and colors.


We clearly encourage non-intrusive photography of the local culture, which we have the privilege to enjoy. While strolling through the colourful, lively markets, we witness local custom & tradition and start to distinguish snapshots from splendid orchestrated photography.


Whether it is the excitement of a dune bashing or the thrill of a spectacular river crossing. Let’s get dirty and dusty behind the action camera. We learn how to optimise speed and motion in our shots and turn our pics and movies into real action masterpieces.


Different countries, different customs. And most evidently different architecture. We get intrigued by the colossal engineering of ancient and modern times and picture them in the most compelling angle. 


Get to master the low light photography taking advantage of the propitious moment of the blue hour or the darkness of the desert night. We particularly indulge in night photography during our trips at high altitude and away from light pollution.


Fascinated by the element water? Once our adventure provides us with the right opportunity, we will not hesitate to use our underwater or action cam to add some great material to our portfolio.

Our photo & film portfolios will start to grow with and following our adventures and expeditions. For more details visit our FRAME Expedition Agenda.
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