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"All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own"        Edwin Markham

Our Philosophy

During our travels beyond boarders to those forgotten places of our planet, we often - if not always - meet people in need. Underprivileged families in poor housing, with a lack of infrastructure, missing education, deplorable health care. 

     We decided, we want to bring a change. A change by supporting in particular those millions of women and children to have a better life and yet a little bit of happiness!

     Be it as an individual or part of a CSR program of a company, your support and donation in kind or cash will for sure make a difference in somebody's life. We will always capture those moments of joy and happiness on photo and/or film and will transparently report the outcome of all our charity projects either directly to the sponsors or via this website.

     In addition to those blog & vlog reports, we will be happy to conduct full project presentations, trip highlights or animated sessions / motivational speeches as part of the CSR programs of our supporting companies.

Our philosophy

 OUR FIRST charity projects

Charity Projects






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A large percentage of Mongolia's population are nomad. The families are living together across all generations and are moving around with their livestock always in the search of the best grassland to feed their animals. Often, children do not have easy access to schools and while on the constant move, social contacts and tools for learning and creative playing are limited.

     FRAME CHARITY is seeking all kinds of kids books, coloring pads, crayons, music instruments, kids science and social games, handicraft tools, magic boxes, anything that will inspire young kids up to the age of twelve years.

Since decades, Romania is known for their many orphans and the mostly poor conditions of their orphanages all over the country.

    FRAME CHARITY wants to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children and supports several institutions with cash or kind. We are in particular looking for help in sourcing clothes, toys and cash to invest in the poor infrastructure or professional care of some selected children homes and orphanages. 

Hunger, chronic malnutrition, natural disasters and lack of education plague many Bolivian children. Some are forced to work in order to survive and are at risk of exploitation, violence and trafficking.

     FRAME CHARITY supports existing international children welfare projects such as "Safe the Children" or "Humanium". Our on-site work will start during our Panamericana 

While in Romania, we will take any opportunity to also help the Ukraine refugees.


"Charity is a virtue of the heart
and not of the hands" 
Joseph Addison
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