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"Where charity keeps pace with gain, Industry is blessed"                  William Penn
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As a company sponsor, please click on CSR LOGIN beneath your company logo on the sponsors list and use your dedicated login credentials to reach your company's CSR program.

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Company name and logo featured on all FRAME website communications

  • Reviews of Company products & services on FRAME Social Media

  • Mention in press releases

  • End credits on all YouTube productions

  • Dedicated company CSR webpage with all details of your CSR program

  • Detailed reports of respective FRAME Charity Activities

  • Regular free* Inspirational / Keynote Speaking appearance during Sponsor's (CSR) Events

  • Sponsor employee incentive: Invitation of (an) employee(s) to a key passage of a FRAME Expedition and/or charitable activity

        * transportation and accommodation costs excluded

Sponsor Benefits

Corporate Sponsoring Examples:

EXP. 1:​ "A Coffee a Day"

This German component supplier of the car industry is specialized in high end truck engine components. They have some 60 employees and in spite of the Corona pandemic, this number is pretty stable. One of their HR objectives is to keep staff turnover below a specific target. As an initiative they invested into their staff canteen and thanks to a partnership with a high quality coffee machine supplier they succeeded to provide free coffee to the team. The saved cost of one coffee per employee a day (0.35 EUR Cents) is generously going to the FRAME Charity program as part of the company's CSR initiatives. In total, more than EUR 4'000 annually are finding its way to some of the poorest children in Romania. FRAME Charity is capturing those moments of joy and happiness and reporting back through the inspirational foto stories after each charitable visit. The staff is amazed what a difference a coffee a day can make for Romanian orphans.

EXP. 2:​ "CSR Initiative"

A reputable small-cap American Security System company is about to partner with FRAME Charity as part of their company CSR program to support specifically the underprivileged in Central & South America. One per mille of their annual payroll budget will be designated to this program, providing a kick-start to our FRAME Charity endeavors in Bolivia. Needless to say, security is not the least important feature in the technical fixtures of any expedition vehicle. We are extremely grateful to those win-win partnerships and are committed to return for their marketing purposes the equivalent of this sponsorship in great photo and film footage of our once-in-a-lifetime expeditions.

EXP. 3:​ "Mileage Contribution"

Last but not least, we are extremely proud of all our Mileage Contributors. These fine supporters are helping us in our various FRAME Charity activities through a generous "mileage" contribution. For every mile our expedition Unimog is undertaking towards a charitable activity, mileage contributors will grant us a few cents in cash or a few grams in kind. They are mostly looking forward to share the outcome of the good deeds and the inspiring expedition stories with their teams and communities. We are committed not to disappoint them then we are used to go beyond the limits and do it "out of the box"!

EXP. 4 & 5 in the making

CSR Case Studies

Supporters & Sponsors:

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