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Brigitte Kraus - Photographer & Artist
Markus Kraus, Unimog, Frame Adventure

Hi, I am Brigitte and kind of the COO of this endeavor. I have enjoyed a commercial education followed by a diploma exam as a qualified nurse and health advisor. Once married, we started to move around the world and I took the opportunity to turn my passion for photography into my profession. 

    Aside of being a good mother for our daughter, I truly relished my distance photography education at the New York Institute of Photography. Later, a three year study at the Prager Fotoschule followed. Our time in the Middle East inspired me for architectural photography, while a decade in the Far East rather developed my love of capturing stunning landscapes and foreign cultures. It goes without saying, my experiences in professional photography will not only influence our routes and destinations, but also our speed of travel.

     Together with Markus, who is a visionary planer and reliable organizer as well as a damn good tour leader, we build the perfect team that knows how to balance risk and safety, how to combine work and fun and how to switch between contentment and excitement. How important such teamwork is, you may appreciate going through the FRAME Expedition Agenda.

Hi, I am Markus and the initiator and now project planer of FRAME Adventure. As a former international hotelier, I am accustomed to go beyond guests' expectations and to inspire my fellow teammates with motivating stories and challenging projects. With FRAME, we do nothing different. Today, I am a full-time adventurer, an inspirational/keynote speaker and an occasional hotel consultant.

     Our trips will unearth the beauties of our planet and we will make sure to capture them on photo and film. Our expeditions are amazingly adventurous and enthrallingly different. It will be a truly memorable journey and an inspiring story to bring home. Finally, our good deeds and charitable projects are giving our endeavors a greater purpose and allow like-minded supporters, sponsors and friends to participate in spreading happiness, hope and optimism.

     Behind a happy man is always a magic woman. I am blessed to share my travel adventures with my beautiful and talented wife, Brigitte. She is an incredible strong support, and aside of being the official Photographer and Art Director of our undertaking, she quasi also is the Chief of Security, the Head Chef and the Company Medical Officer. (Though, she refused the title of Executive Housekeeper ;-))

up to 1993  Zurich - Switzerland
1993-1995  Yaounde- Cameroon
1995-1998  Cairo - Egypt
1998-2001  Beijing - China
2001-2004  Guam - USA
2004-2007 Fujairah/Dubai - UAE
2007-2009 Ulaanbaatar - Mongolia
2009-2011  Cebu - Philippines
2011           Nanjing - China
2012-2015   St.Gallen - Switzerland
2015           Doha - Qatar
2016-2018  Bucharest - Romania
2018-2022  Zurich - Switzerland
as of 2022  see Expedition Agenda




We are a small team of adventurous travel & photo enthusiasts, young at heart and with the right mix of photo/film professionals, bloggers, explorers and meticulous organizers 


During our international careers we were privileged to discover the beauty of this world, we were lucky enough to enjoy the hospitality in every corner of this planet and make lasting friendships in at least two dozen different countries. It is now time to give back to those communities who are much less priviledged than we are. 


We travel to the most remote areas of this planet looking for the most socially disadvantaged people and the most urgent projects that improves their lives and brings them a little bit of happiness 

a dream come true
as the story unfolds...
Story unfolds



Dune Bashing and Desert Camping in the UAE

Our first experience with off-roading and desert camping was in the Empty Quarter / UAE. We kind of liked the stark contrast to the posh hotel life. The desire for adventure, nature and self-reliance started to grow and become more meaningful to us.



12 Days Off-Road through Mongolia

Equipped with a satellite phone, a decent off-road vehicle and provisions for two weeks thoroughly packed and numbered, we covered an approximate distance of 1000km in a stunning Mongolian landscape and under the legendary blue sky. We believe it is here that the seed of traveling adventurously and beyond borders has been sown.



Renting a Camper Van

After 20 years of spending in the most elegant hotels across the globe, we could not imagine that we EVER would rent a camper. In September 2011 we yet did it, possibly a critical endeavour. A great one week trip through Northern Italy. And guess what, we truly enjoyed it!



And we did it again… Norway

The next camper trip had to be more adventurous, bring us closer to nature and people and have a touch of an expedition. Norway was the chosen land to be discovered. But we truly started to miss a 4WD feature on our van while attempting to reach the best spots for overnighting. We googled the solution: Expedition Vehicle it is called.



FRAME's Hour of Birth at the Fram Museum in Oslo

Barely did we know that an expedition vehicle will be the type of mobil home we would love to have for our adventures and expeditions on and off the roads, we got a name inspiration at the Fram museum in Oslo by Nansen & Amundsen’s exploration ship The Fram ("forward"). Fram is said to have sailed farther north  and farther south than any other wooden ship. Sounds like our plans, our FRAME too, should go further than anything else!



Inspiration “Abenteuer Allrad” in Bad Kissingen

At this fantastic and world’s largest overlander exhibition we cemented our intentions and started to dream that one day we would travel in one of these incredible rigs. We started modestly to focus on a Mercedes G-Class type like the Rockwilder and soon found ourselves inside the biggest MAN from Action Mobil. During the next couple of years of visiting Bad Kissingen we settled for an excellent compromise called Unimog, a mid-size truck that can go further than any other off-road truck.



Truck Driver License

Years were passing incredibly fast and before we’d commit to an investment of a truck we wanted to make sure we dare to drive one. While living in Romania there was no better dare than doing the license in the hustling city of Bucharest, on a 30 year old truck, in a foreign language.



Discovery of "our Unimog"

At the Abenteuer Allrad 2019 in Bad Kissingen we heard about an Ex French Firetruck Unimog 1550L/37 which was standing on the yards of Merex in Gaggenau. On the way back home to Switzerland we drove by to see for the very first time what was to become our future expedition truck.



FRAME Inspection and Test Driving

Is there anything better to do on a sunny Saturday then driving some 600km from Zurich to Gaggenau/GER (and back) for a vehicle inspection and test drive of our potential new mobile home? Needless to say, it was a fantastic day and the confirming handshake after the test drive was the definitive start of our new FRAME adventures. Finally… we just bought a truck!



Handover & Transfer to Hellgeth Truck Tuning

Early morning train to Gaggenau to receive our red fire truck baby, followed by a 400km high-way drive to the Hellgeth brothers, luminaries in Unimog tuning based in Wurzbach / Thuringia. 



Receipt of our Expedition Vehicle

A year after having dropped our red fire truck at “Hellgeth Engineering Spezialfahrzeugbau GmbH” we were able to receive our now blue-grey expedition vehicle. A total of 74 modifications - for now - turned this completely mechanical 1996 Unimog into a strong and high performing chassis for our FRAME expedition and adventure mobile home. We enjoyed our first leisurely two-day ride with our truck to Cologne where it will get its customised living unit by "Orangework".



Construction of the living box

The construction of the living unit is taking a bit over a year and is done by great professionals at "Orangework" in Cologne. Exchanging countless emails, phone calls and a couple of visits on site, we enjoyed a smooth construction period with "thousands" of decisions that need to be taken along the way. There is never a right or wrong, but always a compromise that one must do in order to get as close as possible to our vision of building that ultimate expedition vehicle of the highest quality and performance.



The final building stages

Early March and before final handover of our Mog, we received an intensive introduction to all the technical installations of the living unit. Imagine the technology of a house compressed to just a couple of m2, but equally sophisticated. For final installation we had to move back to Thuringia which gave us the opportunity for a first live testing on and off the road. 

There might well be another couple of highlights in the preparation phase until first departure in May 2022. We will update at this place as it happens. In the meantime visit our FRAME Expedition Agenda to explore and to join us on our amazing trips.
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