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(NORTHERN) ireland

An overlanding tour through Ireland should - if time allows - be combined with Scotland or even the entire U.K. An absolute must, at least, is the U.K. region of Northern Ireland.

We arrive in Larne after an Ultimate Scotland Experience and are excited to explore another fascinating island in this summer of 2023. It is on purpose that we avoid the big cities of Belfast and Dublin as we concentrate on the Northern and Western part using the Wild Atlantic Way as our main itinerary along the rugged coast. Needless to say, this is yet another memorable adventure, hence buckle up and join us in exploring the Gigantic (Northern) Ireland (3.7)


on- & off-road Drives

1. Wild Atlantic Way (WAW)
up to 2'600km perfectly asphalted and occasionally single track road

2. Ring of Kerry
179km asphalted scenic road, allegedly the best of WAW


Mainstream & Insider Attractions


1. Giant's Causeway, 44 Causeway Road, Bushmills, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, U.K.

2. Cliffs of Moher, Moher Rd, Lislorkan North, Co. Clare, Irland

3. Downpatrick Head, Knockaun, Co. Mayo, Irland

4. Cork City, County Cork, Irland

Customs & Traditions


1. Irish Pub Culture – i.e. McDermott Pub, Doolin

2. Guinness Beer

3. Irish Dance, Celtic Steps Tralee

4. Irish Whisky Distilleries – various locations

Photogenic Locations


1. Great Pollet Sea Arch, Stooey, Shannagh, Co. Donegal

55°15'24.8"N 7°37'12.9"W

2. Ashford Castle, Leaf Island, The Derries, Co. Galway

53°32'00.6"N 9°17'09.4"W

3. Nimmos Pier, Galway City, Galway

53°16'05.4"N 9°03'14.0"W

4. Twelve Pines, Derryclare Lough, Co. Galway

53°27'48.6"N 9°47'48.4"W

5. Ballyhernan Beach, Magheradrumman, County Donegal

55°15'14.5"N 7°41'32.7"W

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