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It is shortly before Pentecost, end of May and we are off to our third adventure. We want to escape the wet spring (3.1) of Switzerland - by going to Scotland. How much desperation can you read in this sentence? Call it naivity or simply hunger to explore and discover new land, new people and new adventures, whether rain or shine!

We barely have arrived in the Black Forest when our prayers for sunny and warmer weather seem to have been answered. We pass through the  birthplace of the UNIMOG family in Gaggenau followed by some visits of friends on the way going north. After two weeks of back and forth we finally take the ferry in Holland to leave for the big island. Still spoilt by fantastic pre-summer weather we thoroughly enjoy the ride through England, once across (3.2)


If there are any stereotypes of England about real ale, spucky forests or old brick houses, we now can confirm them all. It takes us at least another ten days until we finally reach the borders of our trip destination. Here we are, we made it: Welcome to Scotland (3.3)!


We start our ultimate Scotland experience right with its capital Edinburgh and the scotish traditional delicacy, the infamous haggis. Only now we see our very first rain drops, but also learn a lot about the secrets, history and power of tartan. Soon after we dive even deeper into the local culture by exploring numerous Castles, Stone Circles and Sea Monsters (3.4).


We keep heading north enjoying the beauty of the scotish highlands. The cuddly highland catle are surprisingly rare and so are the nasty midges. At least for now. The Extreme North (3.5) of Scotland is a must for adventurers that want to go further than the average explorer. So we find our very own pitch on the absolut northernmost tip of Great Britain's main island. At this time of year the sunsets are late and almost to the north. And what a sunset it is!

From here, our journey continues west and soon turns back south. We find beaches that we would not have dared to dream of and finally we crown our adventures with the exploration of traditional Whisky, Games and fascinating Isles (3.6).

If you ever move a heavy truck like FRAME to such fantastic distant places, it is worthwhile to also explore some neighbouring attractions. We leave Scotland after six amazing weeks and take the ferry to (Northern) Ireland. The adventure / show must go on!


on- & off-road Drives

1. B8007 Salen to Kilchoan
32 km single track road along Loch Sunart
from  56°43'00.5"N   5°46'32.7"W
to      56°41'19.6"N   6°05'42.3"W
2. B8073 Calgary to Killiechronan - Isle of Mull
30 km single track road from Calgary Beach to Loch Na Keal
from 56°34'48.5"N   6°16'37.0"W
to    56°29'55.6"N   5°59'56.8"W
3. B869 Newton to Lochinver fire station
36 km single track road from the Newton via Drumbeg to Lochinver
from 58°14'09.7"N   5°00'48.0"W
via   58°14'40.0"N   5°12'17.0"W
to    58°09'34.7"N   5°13'56.3"W


Mainstream & Insider Attractions


1. Loch Ness

2. Edinburgh

3. Clamis Castle

4. Isle of Mull

5. Kelties

Customs & Traditions


1. Tartan

2. Scotch Whisky

3. Highland Games

4. Haggis (scotish traditional dish)

5. The cuddly Scotisch Highland Cattle

Photogenic Locations


1. Dunnotar Castle - Aberdeenshire  -  56°56'45.0"N   2°11'46.5"W

2. Tobermory - Isle of Mull  -  56°37'22.3"N   6°04'05.3"W

3. Oldshoremore Beach - Sutherland  - 58°28'40.2"N   5°05'20.6"W

4. Duncansby Head - Caithness - 58°38'20.3"N   3°01'42.1"W

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