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In mid-November it is already cold and miserable in Switzerland and we long for nothing more than a warm and cozy hibernation in Morocco. Leisurely we cruise through France and Spain to the south and enjoy the much higher temperatures and the good weather as soon as we reach the Mediterranean Sea. After almost a month, we finally reach the Strait of Gibraltar and are fired up to begin our adventure in Morocco.


Completely unexpected we have a rather stormy start in Africa (2.4). Days of rain and strong winds make us hold out at a beautiful reservoir on the way to the Rif Mountains. Finally we dare to continue our journey and are immediately rewarded with the overwhelming Moroccan hospitality on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. On the very first sunny day we arrive in Chefchaouen, the blue pearl of Morocco. What a picturesque city. Now we have arrived in Africa! Wait, one thing is still missing! Meeting the royal gendarmerie and being escorted by four blue light vehicles at night for security reasons is the icing on the cake. And now we got them all.


It's high time for more off-road action. The adventurous crossing of the High Atlas (2.5) Mountains becomes a tour highlight, indeed a lifetime experience. Despite being in the middle of winter and on a route that is classified as one of the most dangerous roads in the world, we master this section without any problems and only with great memory moments.


We reach Erg Chebbi, the sand desert at last (2.6). Time for a rest, which in our case means dune walks and fatbike challenges.
Talking about challenges, the southern route off-road adventure becomes our most daring challenge so far. We couple up with some overlanding friends and conquer the legendary track by completely
busting the myth of Morocco’s southern route (2.7). On the second part of the route, however, fate catches up with us. The disaster at Iriki Salt Lake (2.8) was probably unavoidable.

After the magnificent mountains and the harsh desert, it is now time for the
intriguing sea (2.9). We are - once again - so close to nature, it's a dream! But we can't leave this wonderful country without visiting some of its top-rated cities. Essaouira, Marrakech and Rabat (2.10) are on the agenda for the last weeks in Morocco.


on- & off-road Drives

1. High Atlas Mountains
211km offroad/asphalt 40%/60%
from Bin El Ouidane via Tizi n'Ait Imi and Tizi n'Ait Hmed (a.k.a. Tizi n’Fougani) to El Kelaa M’Gouna
from  32°06'23.7"N 6°27'49.5"W
via     31°36'36.28"N 6°22'56.35"W
via     31°32'13.97"N 6°16'23.94"W
to      31°14'16.3"N 6°07'42.7"W
2. Morocco’s legendary Southern Route (part 1)
200km offroad
from Taouz via Ramlia, Sidi Ali to Tagounite
The corresponding GPS coordinates are subject to access authorization
3. Morocco’s legendary Southern Route (part 2)
144km offroad
from M'Hamid via Erg Chigaga, Iriki Salt Lake to RN17@Mrimima
The corresponding GPS coordinates are subject to access authorization


Mainstream & Insider Attractions


1. Chefchaouen - The Blue Pearl of Morocco

2. Marrakech - The Red City

3. The Royal City of Fez

4. Essaouira - The Hippie Hangout

5. Rabat - The Capital and City of Flowers

Customs & Traditions


1. Dromedary Caravans through the Desert

2. Argan Oil

3. Artisanat Touareg

4. Leathergoods from Fez

5. Tagine with Couscous & Mint Tea

Photogenic Locations


1. Erg Chigaga  -  29°50'23.7"N 6°14'6.6"W

2. Senses Atlas  -  31°36'47.0"N 4°31'32.9"W

3. Harbour of Essaouira 

4. Cape Sim – Sidi Kaouki  -  31°23'12.5"N 9°50'7.3"W

5. Medina of Marakech